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Our sales track record defines one of our strongest elements. Over the years, we have provide professional property investment advice and strategies, working across commercial and residential markets around Cambodia.


Our specialist Sales teams are experts in property sales & marketing, and are widely recognised as professional, thorough and uncompromised in their pursuit of the best outcome for our clients. Our goal is always to maximum returns for the client, mitigating risk through our extensive expertise and experience.

Results Driven

All of our staff have a unique understanding of how important your marketing strategy is to your project’s success. Whether you want to get your property out to the general public or breathe new life into your company and rebrand yourself, we can help. We understand that every project and client is different, and this is why we sit down with each client for an in-depth consultation to start. We’ll talk about what your short-term and long-term goals are, your budget, and your property. 

The property sales and marketing sectors are fiercely competitive, and you have to stand out to get the results you want. We work hard to segment your property or building to drive prospects through an effective filter that takes them from the first stages of seeing the property to signing a contract. 

We take a step back and look at your property through a prospective tenant’s eyes, and we incorporate the latest digital marketing strategies to generate demand for your property. This helps to ensure that you get credit-worthy and reliable tenants to apply for your property. 

Each client gets a thoroughly researched and analyzed marketing and sales plan that makes sense for the area their property is in, which can yield faster results. You won’t get stuck with a property that has a price point that is too high for the area, and you won’t have to worry about losing money by having your properties priced too low. 

We can also incorporate 3D marketing tactics like virtual tours, drone photography and traditional print to showcase and optimize your property. Additionally, we have a wide network of brokerage experts on-hand that can give your property a boost from local and global exposure.

At Furi Corporation, We Maximise Your Resources to Optimize Your Property 

Over the years, we’ve discovered that the best approach to property sales and marketing is one that involves close collaboration with our clients. We develop a prospective hierarchy that allows us to closely track, monitor and adjust your property’s listing as needed to ensure that you get the most out of your money.  Our analytical tools help us define the best market for your property, and we optimize it based on these results. 

At Furi Corporation, we deliver results. Whether this is our clients’ first venture into property investment or if they’re experts themselves, we’ll work hard to tailor a marketing plan that suits them. 

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