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Project management is one of the key success factors in every project. Our team is experience and capable to take and manage all aspects of a diverse range of property development project’s delivery, ensuring a seamless outcome in consultancy, land survey, data research, design and buildability, early contact for pre-approval of applications, strategic planning, cash flow management, risk mitigation, and more.

Furi Corporation takes a hands-on, open-minded approach to property development management. Our great depth of experience and availability of diverse skills allow us to thrive in this sector. 


One of the biggest factors for success in any project you take on is having a plan for effective project management. You have to have steps in place to carry you through to the end, and you have to prepare for the unexpected to ensure that your project finishes without any major delays or problems. 

This is where our talented, experienced, and dedicated team comes in. We’re ready to take on and successfully manage every aspect of a broad range of property development projects. Our team has backgrounds in engineering, architecture, facilities planning, construction, financial management, operations, building commissions, and more. We work hard to ensure a strong and seamless outcome for each project we take on, and we excel in all areas of project management. These things include but are not limited to: 

  • Consultancy – You’ll sit down with our team and lay out everything you want to achieve with your new project. This will lay the groundwork for a stable and strong project that covers all of your bases. 
  • Land Surveying – We can go out to your chosen plot of land and perform a comprehensive land survey. This will give us a good idea of whether or not the land you picked out for your project is adequate for your needs. It also helps us to start planning for any foreseen difficulties or issues that could stall your project. 
  • Data Research – Our staff can handle every aspect of data research that goes into forming a solid property management plan. We’ll crunch the numbers and come up with figures and projections for your project’s size and location. 
  • Design and Buildability – You have to design a building that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We can help you design a property from the ground up that meets your wants and needs without going way over your set budget. 
  • Early Contact for Application Pre-Approvals – The application process can be long and drawn-out if you don’t start early. It can also be time-consuming. We’ll ensure that we fill out and submit all the necessary paperwork. We’ll also find out about any requirements you need to meet to get the approvals that allow you to start your project on time. 
  • Strategic Planning – The strategic planning process is critical to pulling off a seamless project, and we’ll sit down to several strategic planning sessions to ensure that everyone is on the same page and ready to go.
  • Cash Flow Management – Monitoring and managing your cash flow during a project ensures that you won’t spend money unnecessarily or wonder where your money is disappearing to. We’ll keep accurate and precise records of your project’s cash flow from the beginning to the end. 
  • Risk Mitigation – Every project you take on has some risk, and we’ll take steps to reduce these risks as much as we can. We’ll also inform you of all of the potential risks before and during the project as well because we believe in full transparency.

We have years of experience in project management for both large and small projects, and we want to help your next project succeed. We work to provide comprehensive support throughout the duration of the project and we do everything we can to smooth the process along to help our clients save money while completing their project on time. 

If you’d like our staff to help you with every aspect of your property management, contact us. We’re ready to work with you and formulate a plan to ensure your next project is a success. 

Comprehensive Project Management


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