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Best Real Estate Company in Cambodia

Best Real Estate Company in Cambodia

Since, Furi Corporation has been originated, our mission and vision is to offer a unique approach to become the Best Real Estate company in Cambodia. You know, we are very well known for our professionalism and competence. we bear 100% commitment to satisfy our clients’ requirements.All of our staff are on top of each other’s and up on every single task, and our board and senior management team are natural talented leaders and over the extra mile to make our clients’ dreams come true.Furi Corporation very well-known as the Best real estate company in Cambodia and it was established in 2012 by a brilliant young entrepreneur. Furi Corporation has been officially registered under the Ministry of Commerce in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Our Team of professionals is very well-known and proficient inside and outside market of Real Estate development. Our professional investment advisors, researchers, marketers, consultant, analysts, quantity surveyors and Real Estate management team very straightforward and very experienced, knowledgeable, dependable and passionate to Real Estate development and to our clients.

Furi Corporation provides a full range services like:

  • Real Estate developer
  • Sales & Marketing Agency
  • Real Estate Management
  • Business licenses and permits
  • Financial Institution.

Best Real Estate Company in cambodia

Why Furi Corporation

We are expert Real Estate company in Cambodia so, we are leading like deal sourcing, land acquisition, ensuring planning, funding to project and assembling knowledgeable experienced. Furi-Corp is capable of providing fiancé in real estate with consisted of double digit investment.

We are maintaining good relation with local consultants and market specialists who have clear point of view on present market situation and probability. Moreover, we are looking for having partnership with landowners in private and public sectors across the Cambodia.

We genuinely comprehend our customers’ financial, commercial and occupational strategic goals and after that, by illustration on our profound market knowledge, associations, demonstrated arrangement abilities and skill we begin satisfying their brief.

Our expertise includes:

  • Pre-securing statistical surveying and advancement
  • Displaying realistic progression
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Sourcing funding partners
  • Developing option agreements
  • Building consultancy and surveys
  • Project management
  • Development monitoring
  • Neighborly matters
  • Acquisition and disposal advice
  • Marketing and leasing sales strategies
  • Real Estate management – on completion of the development
  • Business planning and helping to secure Board approval

Best Real Estate Company in Cambodia

How we help our Clients

At the very heart of our offer is the straight forward that we provide our customers with well informed, fair and free guidance, supported by wisdom and being master by giving Real Estate consultancy – expand the judgment of our customers’ assumption, while limiting their expenses and the dangers they face.

Related service:

  • Buying a new-build
  • Sales and Marketing Service

Perhaps, you are looking for a family home, accommodation for your children, a buy –to-let. We have a variety of Real Estate development plan, both completed or under construction plan for you to choose the perfect one from. Our all dedicated expert team are waiting for you to find your new home. Our expert will guide you to entire sales process, and must ensure maximum speed and efficiency with minimum cost.

Sihanoukville’s First Shopping Mall Nominated for Design Award

How We are!

Our experience, knowledge, market research and good relation with customer show us to present the best Real Estate Company in Cambodia. We have so many available complete and under construction houses to move into. We are lucky enough having nice relationships with developer. Furi Corporation is able to help our buyer to go ahead and find the best house.Our marketing and sales team is highly experience, efficient, having clear knowledge and they are very friendly, and will be happy to enhance your experience and help you find the wonderful new house for you.Now it’s the perfect time for you for buying and selling Real Estate. We advise over all private, local and commercial places.

Our services are designed to help enlarge the value of your Real Estate, and to help you at all times replace process.Whether you are a prepared mortgage holder, a first-time purchaser, an owner of local land or a business man, our recommendation is constantly specially made, and straightforward. Our strong market knowledge, information by in-house market research, guarantees you get the most ideal advice, whatever your needs.

Related Service of Furi Corporation Real Estate Management Services:

Real Estate properties are generally maintained by Real Estate management Agency.

The way of managing Real Estate that is available for rent by keeping up and taking care of all the daily activities that are based on the real estate. Real Estate management may include in looking for tenants to use the space gathering monthly rental payment, keeping up the Real Estate and upkeep the grounds.

Best Real Estate Comp[any in Cambodia

Reasons You Need Real Estate Management Services

Real Estate owners may live a long way from their Real Estate or may just decide not to manage the day to day hassles related with dealing with their properties. Real Estate owners have no need to deal with their properties all alone. It is quite easy to understand that, if they have others responsibilities and business to deal with. Most properties owners have full time job that keep them busy and they don’t get enough time or opportunity so they need to have spare time to spend their personal life. Getting calls from tenants to settle problem is an additional pain to them.

Real Estate Management not just requires the marketing of their Real Estate through advertising, finding of tenants, rent collection keep up supervision and quality Real Estate management yet additionally requires a high level of organizational skill. It is very important then that while searching for a Real Estate management agent to run your Real Estate, you need to make sure that one has the experience to guarantee that the activity is well done.

Below we will talk about some reasons you need Real Estate management service

  • For Best way of advertising your Real Estate and keep it rented year in, year out.
  • You need to take a Real Estate management service is because we know how the best way of advertising your Real Estate and keeping it rented year in, year out.
  • Vacant rental Real Estate may turn into a channel on your Real Estate as opposed to being an advantage.
  • A very good experienced Real Estate management agent has the specialized ability and marketing resource that will keep your Real Estate rented all year long.

FURI Crystalville in Sihanoukville

Have better screening of tenants

A good Real Estate management company has better screening of tenants in this way guaranteeing your Real Estate has quality tenants who won’t neglect to meet their money related commitments and who will take proper care of your Real Estate

Have power of experience

A good Real Estate management company will do all as they have power of experience to secure and maintain your Real Estate and investment in save in great way. Real Estate management company that have been in the business for quite long time and have experienced every issues that are related with your Real Estate management and are capable to handle all issuers emerging with your Real Estate as early as possible. You know, your rentable Real Estate is a very big investment and you should take very good care of it so you should not take any risk by entrusting it to an inexperience Real Estate management company.As you know very well about  Furi Corporation has been doing business for quite long time and handling many big properties so you may give us chance. We are hoping to save your valuable Real Estate with very good care, save and secure. Furi Corporation is the best financial funding institute for Real Estate in Cambodia.Particularly with the stability in Cambodia real estate market over the past ten years, Real estate has converted safer.

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Furi Corporation Real Estate Development Finance Funding

Investment market than the securities market or treasury bills, keeping money in bank or other investment. With the expansion of Real Estate, this kind of investment is finally available to the everyday investor in real estate. Instead of keeping cash away in a bank, Real Estate has become a go-to investment strategy to earn double in investment. Otherwise with inflation, you will be losing your cash value; therefore, a $10 bill in 2019 won’t hold constant value in 2045. The Cambodia Government raise inflation 2% annually, however the value of a true estate quality on the average will increase by 20% annually.

Furi Corporation

3 Styles of investment

Within this growing investment strategy, we may have three types of major investment fund. Each fund provides different offers levels of security and returns.

Value-add: This sort of Real Estate would need some strategic quality enhancement and changes. Though of the balance between foundation and convenient. This investment has medium risk but the return is going to be great.

Core: A decent Real Estate with relatively minor development changes. This can be safe investment move. But with a smaller leverage on the Real Estate, the investment group’s returns are smaller. Best Real Estate company in Cambodia

Opportunistic: Typically, this may be riskiest quite investment; this Real Estate may be gut-job and wishes major changes. With a risky, high reword price, some investors target run-down properties for this large flip.

Real estate investment

One of the most common sorts of investments should be land Investment Company. This organization finances its own profitable Real Estate through a numerous set of investors. Most land Investment Company stocks are listed on the market. But there are personal and public non- listed land offered. Best Real Estate company,agency in Cambodia.


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